Alumni : Put me in touch with...

There is nothing more satisfying for us than to re-connect Keele alumni who had lost touch with each other.



First: Look in the Directory for your contact.

If your contact is listed we can probably help promptly – if not, what we can do depends on the currency of our contact details.

(Photo: First Day at Keele 1950)







Second: Let us know who you want to find and we will try to put you back in contact.
Write a letter or send details in the Message Box of our Online Update

(Photo: Keele Oral History Project volunteers)






Third: Where we have contact details, we will send an e-mail or a letter with your details.
We cannot confirm that contact details are current or that the recipient will reply.
If we do not have any current contact details we will let you know.

(Photo Dave Garry and Seventies Keelites)




Finally: If you succeed in making contact, let us know so we can share in your celebration!

(Photo: Finals Day 1990s)