Friends of Keele

Chairman: Mrs Brenda Jones (Keele Graduate 1955)   

Forward by the Chairman:

brendajones The Friends of Keele are a wide range of people brought together by a common interest in the ongoing promotion, support and development of Keele University. The Friends membership includes University Alumni, current and former Keele Staff, members of the local community, corporate members and local societies. The network provides significant support to Keele, by giving both time and donations to key University projects and activities.

Since its launch in 1984 the Friends of Keele has acted as a successful focus for all those who support Keele University, bringing members together for an annual programme of social events whilst offering a wider audience the opportunity for enjoyable and informative interaction and the vital communication of ongoing news about the University's priorities and ambitions.

The Friends of Keele effectively promote the University to many individuals and organisations throughout the region and encourage their interest in Keele's activities and future plans.

If you would like to contribute to the future of Keele University, there could be no better way, than to become a Friend of Keele, supporting us as the University seeks to become the UK's leading open, integrated intellectual community.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to future Friends events.

Brenda Jones (Keele Graduate 1955)

The Social Programme

We arrange a programme of social events throughout the year, some of which are exclusively for Friends and guests and other events aimed at the wider community. These occasions are centred on Keele and frequently involve high profile national speakers.

A particularly popular event on the University's calendar is the Friends' Lecture (formerly the Honorary Graduate Lecture), a public event held at the auspices of the Friends of Keele. Past speakers have included art historian Sir Roy Strong, architectural guru Dr Rod Hackney, astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, international sports commentator Cliff Morgan, renowned QC Michael Mansfield and Paul Atterbury, presenter and expert on BBC's "Antiques Roadshow"..

The Friends' social programme, also includes a number of cultural events, as well as the opportunity to learn more about developments within teaching and research at Keele University through visits and lectures.

In addition to the social programme, Friends of Keele are warmly invited to join us at the annual meeting of the University Court, which provides information about the latest development and activities within the University.

Above all, we urge Friends of Keele to visit and enjoy the campus at any time.

For further information and subscription rates please contact:

Greg Sheen

Development Office
Keele University Science Park
ST5 5NH 

Tel: (01782) 734572


The Friends' Lecture past speakers include:

Paul Atterbury Michael Mansfield QC  Cliff Morgan  Dr Rod Hackney
 Paul Atterbury  michael_mansfield  cliff_morgan  rod_hackney


The Friends have supported:


Renovation of the
Chapel Organ
Restoration of the
formal gardens
Funds to the Library The Medical School
Student Fund Award
 chapel  keele_hall_garden  library  susan_dilly